Acoustic guitar tuition St Albans

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Please include your Telephone number in e-mails, thanks.
Please include your Telephone number in e-mails, thanks.

Home  Acoustic Guitar - The basic skills of guitar playing are transferable from electric guitar to acoustic guitar. Also, there are now Electro-Acoustic guitars that offer an acoustic instrument with an inbuilt pickup and preamp that can be connected to an effects board, amplifier and/or studio mixing desk.

Please note that many Electro-Acoustic guitars have an onboard battery to power the electronics for preamp and tuner. These electronics are turned ON when the plug is inserted into the guitar socket and turned OFF when it is removed. Leaving the plug connected when you are not playing the guitar e.g. over night then the electronics are ON and the battery is discharging.

Although my prime instrument is electric, students are welcome to bring their acoustic.

Terms are the same as my Electric guitar lessons.

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