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Following on from the RollerCoaster online meetings success welcome to our Viewpoint show that offers you ideas to keep you safe whilst undertaking Arty Crafty DIY projects. During this lockdown a bit of DIY such as painting a wall or even darning socks can cheer us up. To join our online Zoom meeting click the flier above on Thursday 26th November, Thursday 03rd December and Thursday 10th December 2020 all at 7pm or visit:
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All the tips and information we provide are opinions. Only proceed when you are sure of your ability to cope with DIY projects.

Tip 1 Safety specs are only about 10 so beg, buy or borrow but do get yourself a pair.

Tip 2 Go back and read Tip 1 and then and only then you may proceeed to Tip 3.

Tip 3 Loop an elastic band over the handles of a pair of pliers to create a mini vice to aid soldering or gluing items.

Tip 4 Be careful what you pour down your sink. Modern waste water pipes are often plastic and will 'melt' if subjected to unauthorised cleaners or paint. Soda Crystals are a chep and effective way of cleaning smelly drains. Supermarket big bag for 0.50p. Make up a warm (not boiling) solution to pour down your sink.

Tip 5 FAVOURITE COOL TOOL. As a youngster I was given an electric train set to play with and when I wanted to cut, trim and reroute the wires I used my mom's best sewing scissors... "No Robert!" So my dad gave me his spare pair of pliers. I could cut cables, trim and strip the insulation of wires and also adjust various nuts. Best of all it also worked as a light-weight hammer. Now, 55 years later, I still have it: thanks dad. So apart from a can of WD40 and a roll of duct tape, what's your favourite tool? Well, possibly eye protection? I'll let you decide.

Tip 6 After thirty years of reliable performance my AA battery powered kitchen wall clock failed. It was stuck on the number eight. I wanted to apply a light touch of WD40 to the mechanism. Using an empty and flushed out nail varnish bottle and applicator brush with WD40 in it I sparingly touched the gears with the fluid. It worked first time and my clock is now working well.

Tip 7 If you save a half empty paint can there will often be rust deposits when you come to use it a year or so later. A pair of old ladies tights will act as a filter. Pour the paint through the tights into a separate container... good as new.

Tip 8 When cleaning your car put vinegar in the final rinse for a sparking shine. The vinegar counteracts the alkaline from the detergent.

Tip 9 Fish & chips? Put the vinegar on first so the salt will stick to it. More tasty... mmm!;)

Tip 10 When cleaning a car windscreen use a damp folded newspaper with metal staples removed. The ink acts a a degreaser and the newspaper mops it all up. "I can see for miles & miles!"

Tip 11 Wear protected boots/shoes when using a rotary lawnmower. The most common gardening accident is losing your toes. You think you're safe but you tread on a decomposing fruit e.g apple, slip backwards and your other foot goes forward under the blades... Safety clothing is VAT free so my safety shoes only cost me 15.

Tip 12 Use a step ladder to change an overhead light bulb not stand on a chair. I know of a piano teacher who stood on a piano stool to change a light bulb. She fell off and broke her wrist. What's the use of a piano teacher with a broken wrist I ask myself.

Tip 13 To retreive a plectrum from the inside of an acoustic guitar attach some BluTak to the blunt end of a pencil and use it to 'capture' the pick.

Tip 14 To effectively turn an acoustic guitar into a ukulele attach a capo to fret 5. The top four thin strings now act as if a ukulele.

Tip 15 To effectively turn an electric guitar into a bass guitar ignore the top two thin strings and just play the bottom four thick strings with the bass control on the amplifier turned up. Not quite a bass guitar but the strings are just an octave apart so you can practice with it.

Tip 16 Make your own fridge magnet. In the Summer 'L' driver magnetic plates stick to a car body quite well but they're not a perfect fit. In the Winter condensation gets between the car body metal and the magnetic 'L' plate. Then the water freezes and 'L' plate falls off. Look for the red L on white background or even just a dark brown square if it's upside down. You now have a large piece of magnetic plastic that you can trim with a strong pair of scissors. Use your creativity and glue a design with Pritt Stick. Instant fun for fun children and even grown ups. Be careful when crossing the road to retreive the 'L' plate.

Tip 17 MICROWAVE WITH CAUTION! Heating a cup of water to make a cup of coffee is not like boiling a pan. The microwave may create super hot temperature that may 'explode' if the cup is moved. So easy to press the wrong buttons so always remove the cup with care at arms length distance to protect your face and eyes.

Tip 18 The 1 to 4 ladder safety rule. When using a ladder against a wall use one unit out to four units high. This is the optimum angle for secure fitting. A ladder stay is only a few pounds so get one.

Tip 19

Tip 20 Make your own free music key transposer. You only need to print this TEMPLATE and follow the instructions. Ideal Christmas present for all muscians.

Tip 21 Original WWll Make Do & Mend leaflet issued by the government:,in%20times%20of%20harsh%20rationing.

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06th November 2020