Faraday cage CME & EMP protector
Possibly the easiest and cheapest hobby radio project is the construction of a Faraday cage CME & EMP protector.

In essence this device will offer -50dB protection from exceptional solar activity or sky high nuclear attack. The pulse of energy is diverted around the Faraday cage.

The pictures below illustrate how I made mine using a cardboard drink container, aluminium cooking foil, duct tape for strength and Pritt Stick adhesive.

Be sure to completely cover ALL the container with aluminium foil. I left some small areas without the glue to ensure electrical continuity over the foil but subsequent testing implies that is not an issue. Even if there is a small area of no continuity the latent capacitance will be sufficient for our purposes. I applied the glue to the dull side of the foil and let the shiny side show.

If another larger box is created (insulated inside) then put this smaller box inside for a total -80dB protection which is the military standard.

The hardest part of this project is deciding what to enclose. I chose a pocket AM/FM earphone radio & spare batteries insulated in a plastic change bag. A 2m/70cm handie along with Nifty instruction card, a battery powered watch & torch.

Seal it all up with date and contents label. Every year open it up, check operation of devices, charge/renew batteries and reseal.

73 Bob Houlston G4PVB MA3053SWL