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I'm trying to improve my web site so your feedback and support is precious. Thank you!

in one of your videos you played the westminster bells with natural harmonics, i was wondering what frets and strings you were using to do that with, i can do the harmonics both natural and artificial but cant get that song to play out i cant find the right strings and frets, if you could help that would be great. Thanks for your time. My reply: To play the Westminster Chimes using open harmonics I use strings 2,3,4, i.e. string B, string G, string D. I use frets 12 and 7. Sequence of harmonics: string B fret 12, string G fret 12, string D fret 7, string D fret 12, string D fret 12, string D fret 7, string B fret 12, string G fret 12. Repeat the sequence then use string G fret 12 to count out the time in hours.

After searching the various guitar tab archives unsuccesfully, I finally found "the twinkle twinkle song" on your site. This made my three year old very happy, since all through my renditions of Led Zeppelin, etc. he demanded I play the "twinkle twinkle" song. Your web site managed to make a little boy happy on another continent ! - USA

BTW The French dial-tone is also at 440 Hz. Best wishes with your site. - Hawaii

Hi Bob, I just thought I would let you know I have found a jazz / blues guitarist. He is excellent, and he found me via your web site. So thanks very much for you help - you're a diamond geezer ! Cheers Vocalist - Herts UK

Thanks for your tips ! - Sweden

( o)==# n^O^n ( o)===# The whole band !? Thanks for the text graphic Dave.

Hi, I have been struggling to learn the guitar for about 1 year but due to me being 42 years of age and never had any musical knowledge I have found it very difficult. However I am doing fantastic with the 6 songs posted on your web site, Amazing Grace etc. I have amazed my wife and kids as to how well I can play these tunes. I would like to thank very much for them. - Herts United Kingdom

"Interesting Internet site" - Making Music March 1999. Britain's Coolest Musicians' Magazine - UK

Thank very much of your tips, they were very helpful. And your site also very informative. Thanks! - Finland

BTW tough fingertips are useful for other things than playing. While soldering a bad connection back together yesterday I touched the wrong end of the iron. So far today no pain and no blister. :)

Many thanks for allowing us to use your teacher tips - Tony Skinner, Registry of Guitar Tutors

Hi Bob, I just visited your site and I think it's great. The information you've put up is so useful. I've visited one or two guitar sites, but so far I haven't found one which has as many useful "bits" on it. - UK

I am an absolute beginer in guitar playing and I must say this site is phenomenal, you can say I felt "Jazzed" coming to this site. God bless !

Most excellent web site - I'm a greeny learner, and appreciate the volume of wealth presented here. Keep up the good work, Kelly. - New Zealand.

Dear Bob, Shalom from Israel. Thank you. Sincerely, Boris.

Hi Bob ! I just wanted to let you know that Sue Lange - vocals / flute is doing a review of your web site in her column this month in my magazine. "... my absolute favorite find of the day: This wonderful site, no call it a page is nothing more than one page of composition paper. Write this link down and paste it up on the side of your computer, fridge, inside left thigh, where ever you frequently go. You must have this page at your fingertips for all those scattered times when you can't find your package of composition paper..." (She loved your site by the way.) Roberta C. Redford Publisher/Editor Contemporary Songwriter Magazine. - USA

Hello Bob, I've always been baffled by the opening chord to The Beatles "Hard Days Night" and I've just found it on your site, many thanks. I was also baffled by the last chord to Buddy Hollys "Heartbeat" and I got shown that by Bruce Welch of the Shadows, I'll try and show it here;

X_O_ _ _ _
|_|_1_1_1_1 Fret 11

It consists of two small barres, striking the open "A" string first, followed by the fingered chord using index finger to barre 4 strings D G B E at 11th (actual notes fingered are Db Gb Bb Eb only Db and Gb are used) and 3rd (ring finger) barre at 12th position, (2 notes) on strings B E (actual notes fingered are B E octave from open strings at 12th), your 2nd finger helps form this 2 fingered chord by pressing down on the ring finger. In the key of A as per the recording, it's a nice sounding chord and could be used for other tune endings. I think the chord is A6, but check. Regards, Adrian

Hello Bob, Whilst on the subject of these interesting baffling chords, I also got shown a chord by Hank Marvin, (only because I asked!) I had attended quite a few of his shows and prior to them playing "Guitar Tango" on acoustics Hank would strum an opening chord, not used on the original Shadows recording. I was intrigued by this chord and tried emulating at home what I thought I'd heard, but alas my attemps to copy it by ear didn't sound at all correct even though I could see the area he was playing it but couldn't quite make out what he was doing, so I took the liberty of asking him whilst he was signing autographs. I had to rely on my memory when he told me as neither of us had a guitar at the stage door and as soon as I got home out came my guitar and fortunately got it right! I can see why he uses this chord prior to playing "Guitar Tango" as it creates the mood, it also reminds me of chords you might hear in Western films, cowboys and indians, to create a mood. Anyway it's quite a simple fingered chord, strummed backwards, with all fingered notes being played. (including an open one) here;

 _ _ _O_ _

Play a full Gb (2nd position) non barre chord including thumb, play all 6 notes, but raise your 2nd finger which gives you an open G string, this chord strummed backwards from top E to bottom E gives this mood sounding chord, prior to the instrumentals opening chords of Gb G A G Gb etc. I don't have a name for the chord, but the actual notes played in order of backward strum are: Gb Db G Gb Db Gb. Seeing your site has got me thinking about these odd chords! Regards, Adrian

I loved your site. Quite unique and professional ! - USA

Thankyou for all that you have done for me. I love this site and hope that I wll be using it for a long time. Source: Mailform

Dunno if you still maintain your site and could not post on the forum, just had to mail and say how good I think it is. Have been on many flashier and bigger guitar sies but have never been so impressed. I can't wait to show my 9yr old when she gets home tomorow, simple, concise information, attainable songs that she will know, I thing she will get a lot out of it. Thanks, and if you have lost interest in the site please reconsider, it is a great resource for any up and coming guitar hero. I got bits from it and I hardly consider myself a learner! Source: E-mail

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