The future of amateur radio & computers.

Some of us weren't born in the Golden Age of our country, where the economy was hunky dory and anyone with 6th form 'A' levels can get a job that will pay enough to get you a NEW car, a decent house with a mortgage and a nice engagement ring for your future ex-wife and oh, by the way, a respectable amateur radio shack.

Consequently, my opinion is that the most effective way of growing a vibrant amateur radio community is to target adults ages 25 to 40 who are hopefully established with most of the above. Not only that we must embrace 21st Century technology e.g. computer software logging and digital data modes.

This age range is more equipped and ready to be amateur radio operators and are still young enough that they will be around for a while. Of course, we still want to work with all age groups, including kids and retirees. We've all seen very young operators get the bug for hobby radio early and carry it throughout their life. We also see plenty of older folks get interested in the hobby as they approach or enter retirement. We don't want to miss out on either of those groups.

So that's my read on the situation. I can't really prove it. What do you think? What are you seeing in your ham radio community?

Inspiration: Bob KØNR

73 Bob Houlston G4PVB