Guitars + music shops in St Albans

St Albans - A great place to live...and a joy to visit for guitars & music shops.
If St Albans was proportionate to the amount of musical possibilities packed in there, it'd have its own moon orbiting around it.
Probably the most significant venue for guitars & music shops that promote strange beautiful music from the centre of the creative cultural universe.

Britannia Music Shop Ltd.
5 guitar hire
Woodwind, Brass & Strings
Office 156, 17 Holywell Hill, St Albans AL1 1DT
Tel: 01727 846055

Herts Music Centre
Teaching Centre & Music Shop
Unit 6, Sphere Industrial Estate
Campfield Road

Music Dept (The)
Spares & Repairs
Loads Of New & Used Gear Bought & Sold
67 London Road, St Albans AL1 1LN
Tel: 01727 898 300

Some pre-enjoyed guitars, amps & effects
27 Catherine Street, St Albans AL3 5BN
Tel: 01727 836 155

St Albans Music Centre
Mail Order Sheet Music Specialists
38 Holywell Hill, St Albans AL1 1DD
Tel: 01727 852717

ChoZen in-tuition.
My guitar & ukulele lessons...
The most exciting thing to happen in St. Albans since the Romans arrived.

My amateur radio website: G4PVB

St Albans has been deemed to be the 5th happiest place to live. "So what's number one?" "We don't care...we're happy to be number five! ;)