Numbers Stations

"Were you followed?" It's an old John le Carré joke but still has some significance re radio numbers stations, one time pads and seemingly random five character codes etc.

Six curious signals below received in the UK March 2018 using Yaesu FRG-100 HF communications receiver matched to 27m end fed LW 5m high aerial (orientated East to West) with 9:1 unun and choke balun with optional 10m counterpoise around the shack. Battery powered to avoid mains borne QRM. YMMV.

1. UVB-76 The Buzzer 4ˇ625 MHz USB night,
2. The Pip 3ˇ756 MHz USB night,
3. Squeaky Wheel 3ˇ828 MHz USB night,
4. Name not known 5ˇ473 MHz LSB day, rapid tones followed by rasping single low tone.
5. Patron-79  4ˇ790 MHz LSB day,
6. Arbat-50  5ˇ426 MHz USB day.

Is it some clandestine covert paranormal plot? You may think so but I couldn't possibly comment. Use Google for more information but it will only tell you what 'they' want you to know. HI.

Numbers stations may have an immediate SWL charm but you can certainly be sure of one thing... they're not for the faint of heart. I find them to be scary & creepy. Henry Cooke - Numbers Stations - Cold War, short waves, substantial information:

Printer Friendly for those who just want to listen.

73 Bob Houlston G4PVB MA3053SWL