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G4PVB Amateur Radio St Albans

Morse Code lessons Sundays 8:00 pm 145250 MHz FM St Albans UK.
More info via & 73 de G4PVB/Bob

I'm not clever enough to have a smart-phone... and I'm much 'appier without it!;) Consequently, I had pages of logged CQs until I met PSK31. I thought DATA modes were beyond me but now I've installed free software DigiPan from:

Tune your radio e.g. 7040MHz, turn up the volume and activate lap top PC microphone. That's it for basic fresh air RX interface. Elegant method use an interface described below. Clip on ferrites either end for good measure. Thank you to Norman G8ATO of VARC - Verulam Amateur Radio Club nets for technical advice.


My favourite frequencies: 3580MHz, 7040MHz & 21070MHz.

Some radios will allow you to transmit PSK31`using Morse via paddles so long live the code. But transmit is most demanding (Heavy duty cycle) on your radio to the point that I don't think I'll bother for now. After all, being a SWL is great... you don't have to think of something to say!;) Check out: 'RTTY/PSK31 For Radio Amateurs' by Roger Cooke G3LDI via RSGB Shop. 17th March 2016