Standard Time & Frequency Monitor

This is a project that applies to licensed and SWL alike. Operating & receiving Data modes such as JT65 and PSK31 requires a most accurate (to the second) PC clock to regulate the appropriate software. It simply won't work without that level of accuracy.

There are many time signal broadcasts throughout the world. I will concentrate on those from United Kingdom 60kHz & Germany 775kHz. I use a 20m end fed long wire 5m high or even an insulated wire in the loft.

To make use of the signals you receive I recommend RadioClock from for free operation which when registered will reset your PC clock if you cannot access the automatic Internet time updater.

You will need a receiver or receiver & converter that will allow you to hear at VLF and then a means to connect the audio to your PC (I use a 600 Ohm audio isolating transformer) via line out, heaphones out or maybe acoustic coupling via lap top microphone.

If you do have Internet access but just want to listen to what a time signal broadcast sounds like then go to the University of Twente SDR at:

73 Bob Houlston G4PVB MA3053SWL