I had an issue with tinnitus and the lady specialist suggested I get a pillow speaker to distract me at night. So I use a Roberts PillowTalk speaker with a Roberts Sports 995 FM Stereo/AM radio. The radio turns itself off after 90 minutes. I fall asleep easily without disturbing anyone.

However, over a period of years the PillowTalk speaker cable fractured near where it enters the unit. Fortunately I was able to insert a screwdriver into the switch aperture, twist it and the unit separated easily. I cut back the cable just past the fracture and reterminated it with soldering, two knots and silicone sealant to secure.

The case clicked back into position and works fine but was a little slack so I used a tiny amount of silicone sealant on the two internal mounting pins. I expect it will last a few years more and I could repair again when needed. I try to keep the silicone sealant only on plastic as it is acidic and may corrode metal.

The second complete PillowTalk in the picture is for reference. Photo attached illustrates.


73 Bob G4PVB