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G4PVB Amateur Radio St Albans

Morse Code lessons Sundays 8:00 pm 145250 MHz FM St Albans UK
More info via: & 73 de G4PVB/Bob

"Do you want to be a spy Bob?" Well no... we look down on them. "We've heard a lot about Bletchley Park and interceptors but what's vital and happening NOW?" Investigate (and I really do mean investigate) the link below. UKHAS United Kingdom High Altitude Society.

High Altitude Ballooning is a multi-skilled hobby in which you get to explore a region of the earth "Near Space". It tests your abilities to plan, design and construct electronics, teaches you about radio theory and GPS modules and then allows you to put all this to the test at an altitude of 30km, -50 ºC and less than 1% atmospheres.

If you're SWL with a 70cm SSB RX and a computer you can help out with the tracking using dl-fldigi. 10mW @ 434MHz licence exempt = a lot of fun. Check it out. Source: Merve 2E0WVE at Verulam ARC. 73 Bob MA3053SWL

16th November 2016