WeFax - Google: 'MixW' and/or 'SeaTTY' to download weather fax radio maps receive software. A simple antenna to a communications receiver and an interface to your PC is all you need. View my interface (thank you to Norman G8ATO of Verulam ARC for technical advice) below:


(WEFAX) WEATHER FAX HF FREQUENCIES source: Ray G4NSJ www.g4nsj.co.uk
RN Northwood                      Hamburg 
GYA England                      DDH Germany                             
 2618.5 (2616.6) kHz*        3855   (3853.1) kHz   
 4610   (4608.1) kHz         7880   (7878.1) kHz  
 8040   (8038.1) kHz        13882.5 (13880.6) kHz 
11086.5 (11084.6) kHz    
18261   (18259.1) kHz*        
* NOT 24 hour operation. Figures in brackets are the USB frequencies to set your dial to.

Typical weather fax RX with slant corrected. See help file:

Be prepared to +/- frequency slightly for enhanced reception. 73 Bob G4PVB
For those new to SWL the cost of purchasing a receiver may seem daunting but if you have access to the Internet then you may hear many short wave stations for free via numerous SDR Software Defined Radios online. G3NYY has listed several links to them via his Home page. Why not take a look?

My most productive was 'MixW' on 7880 (7878.1) kHz daylight hours 3855 (3853.1) kHz evening at 1800 GMT using 160 and 107 in slant adjustment. Go View / Menu / Layout 1 / then Configure / Sound device settings... / Samplerate 11025 / Clock adjustment, ppm: / RX: 160 / TX: 107.

I record the weather map on a recorder for later use.

30th September 2021