WeFax - Google: 'MixW' and/or 'SeaTTY' to download weather fax radio maps receive software. A simple antenna to a communications receiver and an interface to your PC is all you need. View my interface (thank you to Norman G8ATO of Verulam ARC for technical advice) below:


(WEFAX) WEATHER FAX HF FREQUENCIES source: Ray G4NSJ www.g4nsj.co.uk
RN Northwood                      Hamburg 
GYA England                      DDH Germany                             
 26185 (26166) kHz*        3855   (38531) kHz   
 4610   (46081) kHz         7880   (78781) kHz  
 8040   (80381) kHz        138825 (138806) kHz 
110865 (110846) kHz    
18261   (182591) kHz*        
* NOT 24 hour operation. Figures in brackets are the USB frequencies to set your dial to.

Be prepared to frequency slightly for enhanced reception. 73 Bob G4PVB
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