How to receive weather satellites

Redundant PCs e.g. Windows XP, no longer viable on the Internet, are still useful for using hobby radio software from decades ago that will not work on Windows 10. WXSat V2.59 is a typical example. You can download the free option here:

Using a loft-mounted horizontal dipole for the 144-146MHz band and a wideband FM receiver is sufficient for me to discern satellites.

Here are the most likely frequencies you'll need:

NOAA-15 137.623MHz
NOAA-18 137.9125MHz
NOAA-19 137.100 MHZ

G4PVB interface

I use a 1:1 600 Ohm audio isolating transformer about -20dB interface (circuit above) from Line Out or Headphone socket of receiver then a resistor pad as required e.g. one resistor 50k Ohm in series and 2k Ohm resistor in parallel after the transformer then 2 uF DC Blocking Capacitor for connection to Lap Top or PC. Source: eBay about ten pounds. Thank you to Norman G8ATO of Verulam ARC for technical advice.


NOAA-18 weather picture I received above 7th January 2022. There's seemingly a lot going on there. Possibly over the West coast of Wales.

I record the signal for later replay investigation use. Typical pass for the bird is fifteen minutes.

My shack computer is off line so I visit: then I right click on the web page then save it as nasa.all text file then copy it into the free unregistered SATPC32 (prediction of pass software) folder. Once a week is usually sufficient.

Here's how I proceed. I record the satellite signal on to a recorder. I start playback of the recording into the computer. I launch the WXSat V2.59 software. Looking at the software top menu I click on:
Recording then:
Picture then:
Recording again then:
Manual Sync

I wait a few seconds.

Then I click on the small square top right hand of the window to enlarge it.

There will possibly be one or two pictures. The left hand picture may be infra red that I can't discern. The right hand picture shows clouds and land.

Experiment with audio volume for optimum display.

I press Print Screen on computer keyboard and copy the image into image editing software where I crop and enhance the contrast and save as gif image that I upload to my website.

73 de Bob G4PVB