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G4PVB Amateur Radio St Albans

Morse Code lessons Sundays 8:00 pm 145250 MHz FM St Albans UK.
More info via : & 73 de G4PVB/Bob

YaND - Yet another Navtext Decoder. Well, actually, I have two for you via links below. Maritime weather and navigation broadcasts on USB 518kHz 600 Hertz. They transmit on a ten minute schedule. A simple antenna to a communications receiver and an interface to your PC is all you need. View my interface (thank you to Norman G8ATO of Verulam ARC for technical advice) previously used for PSK31 below:


YaND is quite comprehensive whilst FRISNIT NAVTEXT is basic. Which one to choose? They're both free so try them out.

HM Government advice:

YaND download click on YaND blue top left:

FRISNIT NAVTEXT Click on 'Alternative Download' at:

MSI - Maritime Safety Information:

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