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At last, a quality Guestbook/Forum that does not require you to register, log-in/log-out, remember a password, complete a form or jump through hoops. Gee, what a great concept ! :) My name is Bob Houlston and I'm the guy behind Free guitar tips + tabs.

This forum was set up after many requests from readers wanting a place to: Have discussion about guitar playing techiques; Share information about guitars and accessories; Get to know other guitar enthusiasts (of all levels of experience).

While I love playing the guitar and am constantly learning about it I don't have a monoply on all knowledge on the topic. I'm excited about this forum because between us we know a lot more and together we can achieve greater heights in our musicianship.

So please take a look around the forum, ask questions (no question is too dumb to ask), answer questions, leave tips and share your ideas.

Eloquent, witty, quirky and wonderful responses will be displayed forever (or until Bravenet goes into liquidation): mindless, spineless, heartless or just plain stupid messages will be deleted eventually. You know how to behave yourself.

I want to make this web site the best it can be, so please tell me what you think and how I can improve it by signing the Guestbook/Forum with your opinions, ideas or even criticisms - I welcome them all. You, the reader of this site, are my most important critic and commentator.

As always, corrections, improvements, suggestions, further questions, comments, compliments, jokes, condolences, greetings, wishes of luck for my upcoming gigs, random thoughts, adverts, whatever... all welcome.

Terms and conditions
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Take some time to browse my site, I would value your input. I can take constructive praise... honest ! ;)

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